In the spirit of the season, we’ve decided to assemble a list of the Top 3 Trends in Communications for 2012, and share them with our faithful readers.

While the following round-up is by no means complete, here are the key trends that have resonated with us, over the course of the last year.
“Big data” comes to light
In mid-November, we blogged about the Obama campaign’s proficient use of data to micro-target likely/potential voters. Thanks to good reporting by Michael Scherer and Jennifer Martinez, this seemingly new strategy has been widely recognized as the practical vehicle that helped the President secure a second term. But the larger lesson applies to your organization too. Looking to win in the marketplace? There’s much to be gained by targeting your audience in a scientific way.
Storytelling gets its due
The old method of pushing a message into the world is fast becoming obsolete. Instead, small and large organizations are using the art of storytelling to connect with audiences, and break-through the “white noise” that we all encounter, every day. As Canadian ad man Terry O’Reilly reminded us during a March 2012 Greater Halifax Partnership appearance, stories have great staying power. They also tend to be easier to recall than a string of statements or a series of facts. And the continued popularity of blogging and social media makes it pretty easy to story-tell on the cheap and when necessary, in abbreviated form.
Video blogging and podcasting take off
Online video use has also skyrocketed, over the course of the last year. According to Youtube, more than 65% of US-based Internet users currently watch videos online, so it should come as no surprise that video is on the rise among bloggers as well. Admittedly, the format is not for everyone, as it involves more planning and preparation than you might think! But free editing tools are making it easier to produce quality video on your own; and in 2012, bloggers adopted the medium in a big way. Stay tuned for our own video blog series, set to launch early in the New Year.

21 Dec 2012