In business and in life, it’s important to keep moving forward. So after nearly 10 years of operation, Thinkwell has changed its corporate look.


We will also be adjusting our (collective) focus, over the course of the next few months.


Don’t worry, there’s no radical shift, or sudden break, looming on horizon… Our name will stay the same; and we will continue to deliver the robust, timely and cost-effective solutions that our clients have come to rely upon.


Going forward, we will be placing, however, more emphasis on using our investigative techniques to support marketing and pr campaign development.


To coincide with this announcement, we’ve prepared a brief primer on Message Testing. It’s something that we’ve become good at, in recent years… And Message Testing is the middle element, or intermediate step, in our (new) Research “Life Cycle.”


What is Message Testing?


Message Testing is the practical art of gauging response to an information campaign in a controlled, research environment.
Such work can be conducted through various paths, from (in-person or online) focus groups to traditional surveys and polls; and it is best performed after some preliminary research has already been done.


Where did it come from?  And what are its key benefits?


A few years ago, we (quietly) added Message Testing to our roster of services, after sensing that some of our clients were hitting creative barriers after “THE RESEARCH STAGE” had ended. While our fieldwork had helped them gather key insights, and identify the strengths and limitations of their brand, they were still struggling to reach their target audience—and ‘speak’ to others in meaningful ways.


Message Testing is not an exact science… But when performed correctly, it goes a long way in ensuring that your creative intentions line up with the concepts, sentiments and language that others ‘hear’ in your messaging.


For precisely this reason, we will be encouraging all of our government and corporate clients to test the ‘building blocks’ of their marketing and pr materials, before releasing them into the world.


Think of message testing as a critical step, or mid-cycle check, en route to more effective corporate/public positioning.


For additional information on this solution, please connect with us by telephone or email.


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25 Sep 2012