Ever wondered where Nova Scotians get their information?
We recently tested the news consumption and social media habits of adult Nova Scotians, via online panel.
Here are the highlights:
Age matters, when it comes to traditional media consumption. While many older online Nova Scotians read print newspapers frequently (60% – age 55-64 and 71% – age 55+), only one in ten young Nova Scotians (12% – age 18-34) consults that source regularly.
Facebook penetration is high. Three quarters of online Nova Scotians (74%) report using Facebook. The comparable figures for Twitter (21%) and other platforms are much lower.
Twitter usage also tends to be ‘light,’ with three quarters of tweeps spending less than 30 minutes on the platform on days when they log-in.
Are you on trend? See below for the full results.


04 Jun 2014