Looking for an intelligence solution that follows a strategic framework, but is tailored to your specific needs? Our Strategic services will answer your most critical business questions, in a reasonable, clear and digestible manner.



Intelligence Roadmap

Thinkwell Strategic Framework

Instead of saddling you with a thick binder of recommendations that are impossible to implement, our Intelligence Roadmap will tell you what you need to know, when you need to know it, by probing some key intelligence topics (or KITs), which directly relate to your company’s current capabilities and strategic plans.
We will pursue questions like:


-Who are your top competitors?
-What forces are shaping the marketplace?
-Where are other parties headed? And when, and how, will they get there?



Information Optimization


As an organization, you probably know more about your competitive environment than you might think… To maximize the value of that information, and distil the top insights, we will comb through your company files and interview some of your employees.



Managing Sources and Methods


From press reports, to regulatory and financial filings, and social media, there is a wealth of information that relates to your business being ‘pushed’ into the world everyday. Our information management services will help you stay on top of the news, track current/emerging trends, and pool other external data.



Executive Intelligence Briefings


Seeking Executive Intelligence? Our (annual) Strategic Intelligence report, and quarterly updates, will help you connect-the-strategic-dots and anticipate the ‘moves’ of your competitors, on the short and long term. Deep-Dives on specific issues, or an assessment of larger, industry trends can also be included.



The Key Advantages:


– A dedicated team of experienced professionals

– A strategic framework, that supports tailored solutions and is suitably rigourous

– Sound judgment

– Clear and concise reporting

– The ability to provide regular intelligence updates, to supplement (annual) Executive Briefings