Why is Thinkwell in the Strategy Business?


We believe that your business plans, decisions, and communications–all components of your corporate strategy–can be improved with research, analysis and intelligence.


Our intelligence products give clients a powerful competitive advantage by providing them with accurate, timely, and relevant insights upon which they can set strategy, as well as make important operational decisions.


The exact definition of “corporate strategy” differs slightly from expert to expert, but a good working description is: a deliberate plan of action to achieve your business goals.


And while strategy forms the bridge between an organization’s internal capabilities and its ultimate goals, identifying and maximizing your competitive advantage also requires:

-A deep understanding of the external environment;
-Clear insight regarding trends and/or forces that will shape that environment;
-And an honest appraisal of your own strengths and weaknesses.


Just as the most effective strategy is set, implemented, reviewed and refined in continuous motion, the best way to conduct strategic research is to do so in a steady loop. (We’ve outlined our own research process, or life cycle, here.)


As a business leader, you are the only one that can decide what strategy to follow… But working with us will ensure that you have the right intelligence at your disposal.


Intelligence is also an excellent tool to tackle big questions around sustainability, organizational structure, business models, and more–but, perhaps, that’s a topic for another post.


01 Nov 2012